An Erotic Story- Will You Spend The Night?

“Wow…” he responds. Shocked as he feels how wet I already am.

I get back on my knees on the bed as he rubs my clit while he enters my mouth. Up and down, slow and steady, watching him with my big green eyes as he begs for more of me…

I look deeply into his eyes while I take him in my mouth,

I smile and giggle at him for a moment while I stroke him, satisfied over his uncontrollable pleasure from my oral skills

Our eyes are intertwined and I can’t stop. I feel myself getting warm and wet as I look up at him, taking him deeper and deeper, getting hotter for him, as I beg him to come inside me.

His cock is perfect. I tease him with my tongue. Playing with his balls, I put them in my mouth and gently kiss, lick and suck.

I keep sucking until I’m so slippery, moaning as I tell him desperately,

“Please. Please just fuck me…”

He throws me on my back and starts to passionately take me in his mouth.

His soft, silky tongue begins to drives me crazy. Gentle strokes on my clit. His tongue going around in circles until I lose my mind.

I am ready.

He strokes my clit with his cock, knowing how much I love being teased.

It’s all in the tease, you see.

Now I’m on all fours again, he firmly grabs my ass and enters me slowly, deeply, tightly…

Is this a dream? I’ve lost myself in ecstasy and don’t want this mind-blowing fuck to end.

Deeper and harder. A grab and a slap. I feel myself pulsating.

“Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum…” I say with such tangible sexual tension in my voice.

I bite my lips and moan uncontrollably,

It’s a fantasy come true…

I feel his cock throbbing deeply as he explodes inside me. I simultaneously climax and it appears to be one of those magical, long lasting orgasms that lasts seconds, minutes…

Please don’t wake me up from this, I’m shaking in bliss from this explosion of pleasure.

He kisses me deeply and passionately as he caresses my soft pale skin,

We collapse into soft, white and heavenly hotel sheets,

And we fall asleep and rest into the sweetest dreams…

Kisses and hugs,

Hollie Black